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Lord's Angel Ministry

Summary of the Organization’s Mission:

Lord's Angel Ministry Corp. is a Christian, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of the needy and underserved especially the orphans and abandoned children of Haiti, with food, education, spiritual guidance, health and shelter. Our goal is to provide full customized services, along with a school, an orphanage, and an affordable medical clinic with quality Health Care for the entire family by trained professionals. We believe this is the first step to eradicating violence in the streets and forming better neighborhoods and communities, so that in the process, lives will be rebuilt and restored in and throughout Guilleme I, Cayes, Haiti and its surrounding areas. We will strive to teach the gospel of the Lord and to fulfill God’s work through human kindness. We believe that our mission of hope is possible when we sow the seeds of love to those who are weary and broken-hearted.

The Initiative

Lord's Angel Ministry is seeking funding to begin its operations, in order to build a school, an orphanage and a medical clinic, for low income families, the working poor, and the homeless “the under-privileged” in Guilleme I, Cayes, Haiti and its surrounding areas.

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