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About Us


The desired outcome of this initiative is to take back our neighborhoods and communities through providing a school, orphanage, and a medical clinic. We believe that this is the first step to eradicating violence in the streets and forming better neighborhoods and communities, so that in the process, lives will be rebuilt and restored in Guilleme I, Cayes, Haiti and its surrounding areas.


Lords Angel Ministry Corp (LAM) was founded in 2003 by Rose Felix, the chairman and executive director. Rose, a true woman of great faith has been called of God to serve the community of Haiti through evangelism, the teaching of God’s word and leading people to Christ. She also serves as the Senior Pastor of The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ.

Rose worked as a high school teacher and project assistant director of Cross International Development World Relief in Haiti for 7 years.

Due to Rose's hard work and dedication, Lords Angel Ministry was officially incorporated in January, 2011. LAM provides missionary work in Guilleme I, a locality of the Southern region of Haiti, with its headquarters located in Brooklyn, New York. The population of Guilleme I is about 25,000 the majority of which are farmers. It is one of the poorest regions of Haiti with only a few children having access to education. However, after assessing their needs and making a decision, the process of educating children began in a partially finished building. Our hope is that it will bring education to hundreds of children by providing practical tools for positive change. Since the establishment of LAM, the organization has also been deeply involved in providing various types of assistance to the local community.

Rose has built a dedicated team, possessing unique talents and a shared sense of responsibility for the program’s success. They have worked with rural villagers to build sustainable solutions to the educational and health challenges of the community. In founding Lord's Angel Ministry, she incorporated a lifetime of proven charitable practices with her inspiring vision to provide spiritual guidance, educational and healthcare access and opportunity to children in the developing world.

Lord's Angel Ministry Corp. is now a US-based non-profit organization which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people. It exists to create partnership throughout Haiti and America to foster educational, healthcare, and personal development of everyone.

LAM thrives to serve a population that is under-served by the Haitian government and the situation is growing continuously desperate: with the increasing rate of poverty, illiteracy. etc. LAM intends to be a shady tree and a well-spring as in the middle of a desert, where the desperate and scorched souls can be quenched and revived. LAM creates an environment of hope and respect where needy children, families and communities from various beliefs and backgrounds can have opportunities to achieve their full potential.

The organization’s central activity is to provide education, a home and a below-market-rate medical clinic for children and low-income families, the working poor, and the homeless in Haiti and its surrounding areas. Lord's Angel Ministry Corp. intends to undertake these ventures so to make Haiti feel like home again to so many who are in dire need of the type of care this organization will provide. LAM is confident that these facilities (the school, orphanage, and medical clinic) will also make surrounding communities feel safer and better in Haiti. These services will include educational and clinical support, training in job skills for activities of daily living, and other programs depending on the existent needs of the target population.


We will primarily be relying on grants in order to provide educational and clinical services which are of quality yet affordable Health Care for low income families, the working poor, the homeless and special populations requiring additional services in Haiti and its surrounding areas. If it becomes necessary in the future, funding for new projects will be sought from commercial banks and other types of funding resources.

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