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Medical Clinic Project

Current projects now in the works.

The sustainability and viability of a country’s economic and social growth depend largely on a vibrant healthcare sector of that nation. No country can maintain a steady economic and educational growth in the absence of an adequate healthcare system. Healthcare issues have been enigma in the life of Haiti. This problem can only be solved with an aggressive approach from the federal, state, and local government. Healthcare problems are not just a neighborhood or community problem but a national emergency problem and it should be considered as such.

The statistics are pathetic and undoubtedly scary. The continued stagnating healthcare system in Haiti is of great social and economic consequence. Access to quality healthcare is either limited in Haiti or nonexistent with staggering financial burden to families and the nation. While the prevalence of fake drugs and substandard products are compounding the problems, the AIDS epidemic and unhealthy lifestyles of many individuals are making matters worse. In Haiti, people die of minor illnesses that could have been prevented with simple medications and healthy lifestyle.

The health crisis in the country has taken an added significance because of the absence of constructive comprehensive national health policy. The federal government seems to have no meaningful collaborative effort with the state and local governments.


The AIDS epidemic and unhealthy lifestyles of so many individuals are making health care concerns much worse. The area lacks a medical facility, so the people are dying in droves because they can’t afford to travel far to seek help.

Our much needed services will help save lives and provide a future for those who otherwise would not have had the chance. LAM is currently working in Haiti in the areas of ministry and education teaching the gospel of the Lord thereby fulfilling God’s work through human kindness as we believe that this mission of hope is possible when we sow seeds of love to those who are weary and brokenhearted. Therefore, we know first hand how desperately a school, orphanage an medical clinic are needed.

Eyes reveal hidden emotions. Tired eyes of a child tell a story of

pain which bears down on an immature bodyframe. Give him hope!

We become our brother's keeper when we do our best with a smile and

when see that smile returned, we know - that's a grateful heart!

The Architect's Impression of Lord's Angel Ministry Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic Budget

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