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The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ


Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America and the first black-led republic in the world to have gained independence as part of a successful slave revolution in 1804.

Even though Haitians have been successfully free from the bondage of slavery, they are still living under the domination of the devil and are continuously being tested by various kinds of sufferings.

'Haitian' voodoo is a religion brought to the island by African slaves. It is devil worship, a dark curse which has many gods (loas) and each of whom has different characteristics, such as hate, jealousy, discord, drunkenness, etc. The practice of this religion makes a mental impact on the nation and which continuously leads them into darkness.

John 3: 16 states “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” That’s His promise! And 2 Peter 3:9 states God is “not slack concerning his promise …. but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

Lord’s Angel Ministry is working assiduously to eradicate evil from the community and win those souls for the kingdom of God! Be a partner in this effort and be blessed.

The unfinished place of worship in Guilleme1 Cayes Haiti -

The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ

stands tall as a symbol of God's goodness

in the land of the living.

Church's History

Many evangelical crusades were organized in 2003-2004, the main intention was to win souls for the Kingdom of God. Extensive teaching had to be done in order for those new converts to come to the saving knowledge of His divine love.

Baptismal services were held and a large tent was erected as a meeting place of regular services. Membership grew rapidly and space and seating capacity became inadequate hence the need for permanence to worship God. Pastor Rose Felix, taking up the mantle to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the southern region of Haiti, informed the congregation of her desire to erect a church named, THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST, within their community to the glory of God.

A land surveyor, an architect, a draughtsman and other certified technical talents were sought after, along with government's permission to erect a building and work began as arranged in May, 2013.

Members and volunteers never failed to do their best. When it was time to worship God, they gathered in the tent faithfully and when it was raining extremely heavy, the membership huddled together to accommodate standees. They rallied in this manner for 12 years. Throughout this time, the community is becoming aware of the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of their friends and relatives who are attending the church and the Lord is adding members continuously.

The resident assistant pastor and members of the board are instrumental in holding meetings and going throughout the community preaching and teaching and encouraging new converts to do the same. Their motto 'one teach one' and 'one win one' for Jesus, is working wonders in the vineyard of the Lord.

Visitors get the opportunity to witness for themselves the tremendous transformation of lives and villagers have the option to accept and enjoy such experience, and not remain under the bondage of the Prince of this World. They can be assured that the joy of the Lord could be their strength to combat any force of darkness and will also understand and appreciate the tenets of The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ:

A. The Triune God: The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

B. Jesus Christ is both God and Man; who died, resurrected, ascended to heaven and will come to establish His kingdom.

C. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person. He teaches and empowers believers.

D. The Bible is divinely inspired and completed revelation of God for the salvation of men.

E. Salvation has been provided for men through Jesus Christ.

F. The Church consists of all who believe in Jesus Christ and are redeemed through His blood.

G. The bodily resurrection of the just and the judgment of the unjust.

H. Water baptism and observance of the Lord's Supper.

I. The personal and visible second coming of Jesus Christ.

The mission of The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ is to take the message of the Good News of Salvation to the Haitian people, to heal broken hearts, deliver captives from the grip of Satan, give vision/sight where there is blindness to the truth of the gospel, liberate the oppressed, and let them know that the time of the Lord's favor has come to them, just as Jesus said in Matthew 4:17 - Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand

We are all workers in the vineyard of God and doing our best in whatever field we are placed.

Teachers educate people, actors/musicians entertain, nurses/doctors heal, economists project trends,

firefighters extinguish fires to the saving of lives and properties, pilots transport across continents,

gardeners trim the landscape for all to admire the beautiful handiwork of God and so on ....

We, each, can create a niche and find pleasure in it. We urge you to take up the task of supporting

The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ

The church construction is completed (without asking for any donations)

We need chairs for the clergy and congregation, a lectern, etc., etc

We now ask for your support.

Thank you! May God richly reward you.

[Please see church budget below]

Members simply wanted a place to worship

God and were satisfied to take shelter even

if they had to run for cover whenever it rains.

The hearts of children yearn to be involved in the good news of salvation and the power of choice is theirs for a brighter future.

Construction on the new church began on May 2013. It's completion is expected to be in mid April, 2016 and dedication in May, 2016

The Architect's Impression of The Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ

From Concept to Reality

From Thought to Being


Church Budget

* Pews may be considered

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