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Orphanage Project

Current projects now in the works.

The Haitian disaster affected many people, adults and children alike, and many children were left orphans, many became homeless and in an attempt to decrease crime and the delinquency rate and rescue the lives of the poor children in the Torbeck and surrounding areas of Haiti. Lord’s Angel Ministry Corp plans to build an orphanage that will be used as a center, providing food, shelter, clothing, education, and more.

Adults will be equipped with the knowledge to be self sufficient and children will have a home and both parties will have a brighter future having received all the necessary tools to make a livelihood for themselves. The will also come to know and serve the Lord, and even become better citizens of their homeland. In the orphanage, each room will be equipped with beds, night stands, lamps, small clothing drawers, and other basic items deemed essential for temporary dwelling.

Many children in Haiti, especially those in our targeted area, had lost their smiles a very long time ago. Without a doubt, the simplest gesture from one can help regain a smile, brighten up a day or even reshape a child's entire life. Your support will help us bring happiness and save about 200 children (boys and girls). Knowing, at the end of the day, that one has helped to make someone else's life better; can be a rewarding feeling. Therefore, supporting the ministry's efforts is definitely a priceless deed.

This orphanage is expected to be constructed to accommodate children and adolescents whose existence and conditions are compromised by difficulties or financial needs, and who need guidance in special education, health and food.

Similarly, for housing needs, in the beginning, the ministry plans to build a dormitory style building in which each room will be equipped with beds, a night stand, lamp, a small clothing drawer and other basic essentials. This will be equipped to assist 200 children.

Each child and/or youth will have access to the sleeping space. Some clothing will be made available to those in need as well. These arrangements will be provided on an as needed basis depending on availability and need of each individual.

It is necessary that local organizers of the Lord’s Angel Ministry Corp. assess each case and provide a written report to the ministry’s office in New York. This way each case will be reviewed by the organizers in New York to avoid anyone giving “special treatment” to people they might be familiar with.

Among the long list of Haiti's woes, AIDS is seldom mentioned. Yet, Haiti has a 1.8 percent prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS, among the highest percentage-wise in the Caribbean region (behind the Bahamas, and Belize). However, it has the most overall cases of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean region with an estimated 120,000 HIV/AIDS-positive Haitians. As of 2013, UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, reports that Haiti's national HIV prevalence are among adults aged between 15 to 49 and is primarily transmitted through heterosexual contact, followed by mother-to-infant transmission.


With this being said, a lot of children are abandoned because the mother with HIV can no longer care for her child(ren). LAM believes of upholding the idea of being our brother’s keeper, as such, these abandoned, underprivileged children are in need of a safe haven and the orphanage will provide the care (for those in our facility) that is needed and those in our care will not be left alone to die in the streets.

Belonging enriches the mind, consoles the heart and forms an

impenetrable safety net for an individual even in the absence

of the typical biological family unit.

Orphanage Budget

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